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What Is PHP, And What Is The Purpose Of PHP

PHP, unlike JavaScript (client-side serving), is a Hypertext preprocessor that is executed on the server before generating HTML (the source code the users see). (The PHP Group, 2018)

PHP is embedded into an HTML document of a webpage. PHP is useful when it comes to configuring contact pages, pages that require a database, and even dynamic webpages. PHP is an open source general-purpose scripting language. Many large website platforms such as WordPress use PHP to produce websites of every type.

However, PHP is not limited to just creating and serving webpages. PHP can be used in your command line, it can help create desktop applications, and much more than this. (The PHP Group, 2018) In my view of PHP, PHP is a data gather. It collects, it stores, retains, and outputs loads and loads of information.

PHP can be used on most operating systems without any problems. PHP supports a large range of different databases.

When you start working with PHP, there are three basic skills that you should have a grasp on before trying to write PHP. These three skills are:

  • HTML 
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript 

(W3Schools, 2018)

With PHP and the capabilities of it, this makes it the life of a developer, releasing the constraints / limitations of basic HTML. In my career, PHP makes life easier. Simple lines of code that will dynamically change, information stored in MySQL database that is maintained and updated keeps me from having to manually do these annoying task.


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