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Syntax PPC Web Design and Marketing integrates powerful reporting functions into all aspects of your online business. From lead management to online shops, web pages and email marketing, we record all interactions customers have with your website and provide you with tools to monitor them.

Business decisions should be carefully made. Reporting and analytics help businesses find new ways to optimize their operations, grab new market opportunities and make strategic plans. It allows them to make smarter decisions to effectively address work requirements and turn data gathered from customers into opportunities.

With Syntax PPC’s powerful reporting suite, managing your online store orders or web page reviews will be a lot easier. You don’t need any extra tracking code to track the interaction of your customers with your website. With us, you will see how your website is doing. You will get a bird’s eye view of your website’s performance each time you login. With a live feed of consumer activities, key metrics and charts, monitoring your business is easier. We can also:

• Create Customer and eCommerce Reports – Custom customer and eCommerce reports can be set up for easy access. You can segregate data to know your business performance or use our export tool that supports CSV, Excel and PDF formats to assess it offline.

•Track Your Overall Business Performance – From site visits to sales and email marketing, we can monitor everything you need to know, improve and measure. Your top performing pages, order and sales volumes, most popular products and newsletter subscription gains or losses will be tracked.