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Online Store

We all know how important an online store is. If you want your business to succeed, you need to have a strong online presence. With Syntax PPC, you will have an online store that not only attracts customers but also entices them to complete a transaction. We can build eCommerce capabilities in your online store so that you won’t be forced to contact your designer each time you need to add a new service or product to your catalogue, post your latest offers or change a price.

With these built-in eCommerce capabilities, you can use CSS or HTML with ease to customize the shopping experience of your customers. We will build a search engine optimized online store for you. Customers should be able to find you. An SEO-friendly website ranks higher on the search page results, making it easier for customers to find you and increasing your chances of getting more sales.

You need to make sure that your customers will have a smooth experience whenever they visit your online store. The things they are looking for should be clearly visible. Drop-down menus may lead to needless time consumption and confusion. Providing a user-friendly experience where everything can be accessed within their fingertips can definitely attract more customers to your online store.

Ample space should be given in the call to action button. Otherwise, viewers may click on other options instead of the one they want and go to another page that may not even be important to them. Your content should also be easy to click and read in the screen size of their device.

It doesn’t matter whether you are offering physical or digital products. We build online stores with the necessary product and inventory management features that would make everything easier for you. Your online store will be integrated with known shipping providers and feature product shipping details such as weight and size.

If you are selling digital products, you can upload the items you are offering. You can also limit the number of times a consumer can download a product or limit the IP address where they can download a product from to provide extra security to your online store. Just tell us what you need and we will implement the right measures for you.

With our easy to use CMS, you can expect your online store to have the following features:

  • Automated Recurring Orders – If your payment gateway supports built-in recurrence, we can help you sell your products with this function. This means that you can sell your current subscription services with ease.
  • Payment Gateway Integration – online store features easy shipping integration and billing functions. We can integrate your online store with a wide range of payment gateways to make your customers’ shopping experience more fun and convenient for them. As they are provided with more gateway options, they are free to pick the payment method they are most comfortable with. This also makes everything easier on your part.
  • Powerful Sales Tools – Improve your sales with referrals, affiliate programs, discounts and vouchers. With these powerful sales tools, you can increase your profits, provide customers with a positive shopping experience and expand your customer base.
  • Built-in CRM Database – With a built-in CRM database, managing orders will be a lot easier for you. All orders are linked to a customer record in your CRM database. This allows you to keep a comprehensive history of customer orders or provide loyalty bonuses to repeat customers.
  • Sync Orders with QuickBooks – We can seamlessly sync all orders made by your customers with QuickBooks and other tools you might be using to manage the accounting matters of your business. With our QuickBooks Web Connector, syncing your orders with this tool is never a problem.
  • Manage Data – Our system allows you to manage your business data with ease. You can import, migrate and export your product data through a simple spreadsheet format. If you want to move your current database to another location, that won’t be a problem. Our export tool provides you with an easy format that you can use to back up your product database. As such, you can avoid the risk of losing important data.