Some Of Our Services : Call Tracking Services

Call Tracking and Recording

A call recording application can help you assess service levels to ensure your customers are getting quality support. It can be used to give feedback to your sales representatives to improve their performance, qualify your leads to spend more time on those with a high possibility of converting into sales and evaluate the quality of your campaigns to know where to invest your resources and time


Find Out How Users Search

Our call tracking and recording software can reveal the search keywords, campaigns and websites that are driving call conversions. Since call conversion information feeds into Google Analytics and Google Adwords, you can monitor calls as conversions. You can also see what your visitors are doing on your website through visitor timelines

Syntax PPC Web Design and Marketing will help you increase your sales by:

  • Determining the marketing channels that drive phone calls
  • Measuring the phone leads you get from your offline marketing campaigns such as printed brochures, direct mail, TV, newspaper and radio
  • Learning more about your campaigns and customers so that you can close more deals and improve your performance
  • Providing in-depth, relevant details about who is calling through data collected from connected advertising campaigns, email accounts, premium ID databases and call logs
Dynamic Number Insertion

We can also measure call conversions from your offline, search and digital marketing campaigns. If you are using PPC keywords, we can measure call conversions coming from them. With our Dynamic Number Insertion, your tracking phone number will automatically appear to the right audience. Our real-time reporting also notifies you immediately when you get a call and you’ll know which campaigns provide the highest ROI. Now, you can capture what your visitors did before and after their call. We can also help you:

  • Setup a new call tracking number fast. We can also build custom call routing for you.
  • Record phone calls. We know that recording calls makes it easy to train your staff, improve customer service and qualify leads. With this, you can easily interpret and assess your phone calls.
  • Once again, we have a list item.
  • Manage multiple clients, companies or locations from a single account.
Record Inbound and Outbound Calls

You only need to check a box when you make a new tracking number. All incoming calls will then be recorded. You can also organize a pre-call voice message if you want to keep your business compliant with all applicable federal, local and state call recording regulations.


You can also record calls from outbound calling portals. The recording will be available in your Syntax PPC dashboard once the call ends. You can listen to recorded calls from your dashboard. To get a link to listen to the recording after the call, you just need to activate the email notifications. With Syntax PPC, you will know why customers call you. Our team can help you measure your call conversions and know which campaigns and keywords are driving the highest sales