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Why Syntax PPC Web Design & Digital Media

Syntax clients have historically been through multiple marketing agencies, web development companies and online pioneer consultants with limited success. Regular client communications, updates of the project status, newsworthy stories, announcements and constant topical social media posts keep the client excited and engaged during the project's development through to completion. Syntax strongly believes that this is one of the primary reasons why client retention rates are above industry averages.
Any agency should ask the follow questions to a lead;
Syntax PPC Web Design & Digital Media prices our services based on the client's current requirements for their business.

We look at the following items to determine cost to the client:

 What is the budget?

What are the goals & objectives?

Who is the target audience?

How will visitors find the site?

What is the value in search engine optimization, SEO?

How long will visitors stay on the site, (site stickiness)?

How likely are visitors to return to the site?

How do we capture and maintain a relationship with the visitor?

How often do we need visitors to buy or register to make the project viable?

Does the business have Social Media?
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