Why Us?

SYNTAX PPC, a firm established in 2011, is committed to providing a platform for 21st century businesses to create, upgrade and maintain their online presence. We are committed to using the best marketing practice in the industry to ensure that you optimize the internet for business either as a start-up seeking new clients and relevance or as an industry leader seeking to expand business reach.

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Understanding Google Business Tools

Google now offers many options that can help you manage your business listing online. Google My Business can be accessed from your gmail account login. It can also be accessed via Google+ under pages. The best news is that Google My Business is now also an app that you can download on any smartphone. See exactly how your listing is doing with this great tool!

Start Out Right With SEO

“Creative people see Prometheus in a mirror, never Pandora.” – David b

Our project development team is a peculiar and curious bunch. Part Keebler elves, part darth Vader, they speak in strange languages html, css, jQuery, javascript, and keeping late hours. Seldom seen without their cups of magic potions, and incantations (usually held in a venti Starbucks cup). Some have witnessed this phantasmagoria (a bizarre or fantastic combination, collection, or assemblage) perhaps sorcery, alchemy, a pinch of wizardry. True shamans, they cast their spells upon these glowing panes of glass, with astonishing results. Websites with seo that will send shudders through the google algorithms. Seo so good, that the spiders that crawl through the giant landscape of content, will have to return time and time again. Ranking these web pages higher, and higher. Then the humble creatures they are, our pet turns everything over to our launchsquad, and return to their hollows from which they came. On to the next project, to conjure another website from their vast array of enchantments.

Build Your Brand Your Design

“If you can”t explain it to a six year old, then you don’t know what you’re talking about.”- Albert e

We storyboard your website to give us a roadmap to work with. It gives us an idea of how many pages your site will contain. What the content might entail, and possible keywords for proper seo. After all of this is complete, we can start the actual design of your new site. Once the initial design is finished, we will submit it to you for revisions. We will continue this process until you are satisfied with the design. Once we have met your approval, we will turn everything over to our project development team.

Why Syntax PPC

  • One on One Support
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Aligned goals that would bring you success
  • We also understand that whatever we do has far-reaching consequences, so we make sure that everything we offer serves their true purpose
  • Competitive rates

Effective Online And Offline Marketing

Syntax PPC Web Design and Marketing will help you increase your sales by:

  • Determining the marketing channels that drive phone calls
  • Measuring the phone leads you get from your offline marketing campaigns such as printed brochures, direct mail, TV, newspaper and radio
  • Learning more about your campaigns and customers so that you can close more deals and improve your performance
  • Providing in-depth, relevant details about who is calling through data collected from connected advertising campaigns, email accounts, premium ID databases and call logs

We can also measure call conversions from your offline, search and digital marketing campaigns.

Target Your Consumers

AdWords is known as an online advertising tool as it uses keywords that can deliver advertisements openly to web visitors looking for information about a certain service or product. It’s a very practical option for advertisers as it depends on cost per click pricing, so they only need to pay when their advertisements have been clicked on. For your AdWords PPC management, trust Syntax PPC to make your campaigns a success.


“If we knew what we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” -Albert E

Our research starts with you, our client. We not only want to get to know you. We need to crawl inside your head, have a little look around. Your business is an extension of you, and your website needs to be the same. Nobody knows your business better than you. We need to know your expectations and desires, what”s the endgame for your website. Once our interrogation is over, and we have recovered every detailed piece of information we’re after. We’ll turn off the heat lamps, and put away the dentist tools. Let you wipe your brow. Then we can all sit down and put a plan of action together. You’re the architect, we’re just the builders. You tell us how the house should look, and feel. We’ll build it. And if we build it, they will come!

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